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Quick Install

@matthiesenxyz/ create-astro-ghostcms


# Run this command and follow the prompt!
npx @matthiesenxyz/create-astro-ghostcms
# Want to pass arguments through to the command? YOU CAN!
# `--install` : Sets Install Dependencies to 'true'
# `--git` : Initiates git Repo
# `--pkg-manager` : Specify your Package manager(i.e. npm, yarn | DEFAULT: pnpm)
npx @matthiesenxyz/create-astro-ghostcms <template> <project_directory> --git --install

Created Routes

The routes are the same as a standard Ghost Blog so you can migrate to Astro easily.

/Homepage with recents/features Blog Posts
/404404 Page
/[slug]Post or Page
/author/[slug]Author page with related posts
/authorsAll the authors
/tag[slug]Tag page with related posts
/tagsAll the tags
/archives/[]All the posts, paginated
/rss.xmlAll the posts, in a FEED