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Easily migrate your Ghost Site to Astro, an Astro Integration & API that turns your Ghost server into a Headless CMS!

Astro-GhostCMS is an Astro v4 Integration and API, its purpose is to create a easy way to bring your GhostCMS content into the Astro world. Create super fast websites, and customize to your hearts content. With the content being pulled from your headless GhostCMS install, all you do is build the layout with the info you want and your on your way!

Astro-GhostCMS is an independently maintained project and NOT made or provided by The Ghost Foundation or The Astro Team, and is intended to help create a easier method to utilize custom TypeScript tools to link a Headless GhostCMS install in to your Astro project.

Ghost is a trademark of The Ghost Foundation.

Tools & Software

Built with Astro

Built with Starlight

Maintained with GitKraken