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@matthiesenxyz/ starlight-ghostcms

  • f82035b: Bump dependencies:

    • astro-integration-kit from to
    • @unocss/astro from to
    • @unocss/reset from to
    • astro-font from to
    • unocss from to
    • sass from to
    • @matthiesenxyz/astro-gists from to
    • vite-tsconfig-paths from to
    • astro from to
  • b0218e1: fix:

    • Removed CodeSlot Component that sometimes would break with some
    • Will be adding at a latter time a custom component to replace this, but at this time this is now fixed.
      • b685e66: Update Deps
      • 4c1002a: fix getAllTags bug for themes and bump other packages deps
      • a02c78b: bump starlight-ghostcms
      • 209e99b: update deps
      • 746fcc5: Fix html rendering to allow custom components
      • 205738c: fix bug, and resolved config issue that was now will allow users to pass the ghostURL within their
      • 2724119: Migrate to for internal processing of GhostCMS HTML. No user changes required.
      • f921005: Bump dependencies:

        • vite from to
        • @eliancodes/brutal-ui from to
        • typescript from to
        • ultrahtml from to
        • @fontsource-variable/inter from to
        • astro-seo from to
        • astro from to
        • sass from to
        • @astrojs/starlight from to
        • sharp from to
      • 9ec2a61: Bumb GhostCMS API, No user facing breaking changes.


        • You can now set a in your to change the default to your blog/posts
      • cb979d5: Adds 2 new pages, Authors, and about page(Link will disappear if you dont have the default ghost about page with slug “about”). Also adds auto links from ghost settings for twitter and facebook if not set my the user in starlight.
      • 40d6454: add rss feeds, also adds a link in the socials based on the astro config option
      • 95171f3: fixed spelling issues in package.json
      • 4a89195: fix deps
      • dc92877: add Missing license
      • a0aa3b5: Initial Public Release, Added Readme, Basics Working, Ready Set GO!