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@matthiesenxyz/ astro-ghostcms-catppuccin

  • f097c6a: Adds a toggleswitch to allow users to disable astro-remote usage for rendering ghost-content
  • Updated dependencies [f097c6a]
  • b0218e1: fix:

    • Removed CodeSlot Component that sometimes would break with some
    • Will be adding at a latter time a custom component to replace this, but at this time this is now fixed.
      • 4c1002a: fix getAllTags bug for themes and bump other packages deps
      • Updated dependencies [4c1002a]
      • 746fcc5: Fix html rendering to allow custom components
      • 2724119: Migrate to for internal processing of GhostCMS HTML. No user changes required.
      • f921005: Bump dependencies:

        • vite from to
        • @eliancodes/brutal-ui from to
        • typescript from to
        • ultrahtml from to
        • @fontsource-variable/inter from to
        • astro-seo from to
        • astro from to
        • sass from to
        • @astrojs/starlight from to
        • sharp from to
      • Updated dependencies [f921005]

      • 1f850db: Bump dependencies:

        • astro from to
        • vite from to
        • astro-seo from to
        • sass from to
      • Updated dependencies [1f850db]

      • 3a5aea9: Updated Tests and Linted packages
      • Updated dependencies [3a5aea9]
      • 12be739: Depencency updates
      • 754d08a: Bump astro-navbar from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1
      • Updated dependencies [12be739]
      • Updated dependencies [455ad3f]